Trees, being a fundamental element of any landscape, require meticulous care to ensure their health and longevity. This is where professional residential tree services come into play. From routine maintenance to emergency tree removal, these services are designed to cater to your trees’ needs while adding value to your property in Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL.


A well-maintained landscape in Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL instantly attracts attention and leaves a positive impact on clients, partners, and visitors. While neglected trees can pose potential hazards…

Our Tree Services

Tree Removal

Tree removal in Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL is a carefully executed service that ensures the safety and aesthetics of your property

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding in Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL is a specialized service that requires expertise, precision, and a commitment to quality

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming in Palm City and Port St. Lucie, FL is an essential service for maintaining the health, appearance, and safety of your trees.

About Colton’s Tree Service in Port St. Lucie, FL

At Colton’s Tree Service, we’ve established a remarkable reputation as a leading tree service provider in Port St. Lucie, FL. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and community care has positioned us as a top choice for tree maintenance, tree removal, and [tree trimming]( services in the area. Serving the beautiful Port St. Lucie community, our expertise reaches all aspects of tree care, ensuring a greener, safer environment for all residents.

Our Work

Being a locally-owned and operated tree service company in Port St. Lucie, FL, we understand the unique requirements of the region. Whether you need emergency tree removal, [stump grinding](, or tree pruning, our team of professional arborists in Port St. Lucie is just a phone call away. We provide tailor-made solutions that fit the landscape of this magnificent location.

Our arborists at Colton’s Tree Service are certified and well-trained, showcasing a commitment to the tree service industry in Port St. Lucie, FL. With decades of experience, we offer a wide array of services including tree planting, tree fertilization, and [tree health assessment]( We believe in preserving the natural beauty of Port St. Lucie and play our part by offering sustainable solutions.

Colton’s Tree Service is not just about maintaining trees; we’re about building relationships within the Port St. Lucie community. We take pride in offering personalized services that cater to the specific tree service needs of every Port St. Lucie resident. Our focus on local community involvement, coupled with our top-notch tree care services, makes us a preferred partner in enhancing the natural beauty of the area.

Safety is at the core of our tree service in Port St. Lucie, FL. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our methods adhere to the best practices in the tree service industry. Port St. Lucie residents can trust us for responsible and efficient tree care. From [emergency tree services]( to routine maintenance, our dedication to safety sets us apart.

At Colton’s Tree Service, we realize that tree care is an art and a science. Our tree service experts in Port St. Lucie are not just technicians but artists who sculpt the landscape, preserving the integrity and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Port St. Lucie. We create harmony between nature and human living, a bond that resonates with every tree we care for.

Transparency, integrity, and community-driven values are what make Colton’s Tree Service a go-to name for tree service in Port St. Lucie, FL. Our passion for trees, our commitment to the community, and our desire to provide unmatched tree care service make us the perfect choice for all your tree-related needs.

If you share our love for trees and wish to experience our top-of-the-line tree service in Port St. Lucie, we invite you to explore our [services]( and get in touch. Let Colton’s Tree Service be your partner in nurturing the green legacy of Port St. Lucie, FL. Your trees deserve the best care, and we’re here to provide just that. Explore our website, discover our commitment, and let’s grow together.

From Our Clients

“I recently hired Colton’s Tree Service for tree removal in my backyard in Palm City, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Their team was professional, efficient, and truly understood my specific needs. The experience they bring to the table is evident in the quality of their work. They left my property clean and beautiful. I highly recommend Colton’s Tree Service to anyone in Palm City or Port St. Lucie, FL looking for top-notch tree care!”

M Thornton

“Colton’s Tree Service in Port St. Lucie is a lifesaver! After a storm damaged several trees on my property, they were on site within hours to assess the situation. Their expertise and commitment to safety made me feel at ease. They handled the tree removal and stump grinding with the utmost professionalism. It’s easy to see why they have over 12 years of experience serving Port St. Lucie and Palm City. A five-star service all the way!”

T Anderson

Colton’s Tree Service in Palm City, FL, provided exceptional tree care, including trimming and removal, with prompt responsiveness and professionalism. Their arborists are knowledgeable and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Pricing was transparent and competitive, reflecting the quality of their top-notch services. I highly recommend Colton’s Tree Service for anyone in Palm City looking for trustworthy and excellent tree care.

M Casey

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